About Us

TBFJ Steaming Service / Media Plus


We started Media+ TV Streams to provide affordable Live TV streaming services that large TV providers do not offer. In today’s home entertainment, we feel that it is ridiculous to pay near $200 a month for cable and satellite services. Yes! These companies lure the consumers into their cheap promotional packages, but after one year, the consumer’s bill skyrockets. We are a firm believer that we want our customers to get all the entertainment they want, at a price that’s not ridiculous. So we found the best IPTV available at a price that’s affordable. If you think $20 a month is fair for live tv, premium channels, sports packages, pay-per-view events and a video on demand, then give Media+ TV Streams a try. We provide thousands of channels from the US and around the world, including Spanish-language. There’s no contract, no set-up fee, no credit check and in the event you are not happy, no cancellation fee. We are the future of home entertainment!




For Information & Demo

Call or Text 980 338 6705



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